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Free virtual plastic surgery simulator

You can use our exclusive plastic surgery simulator to upload a picture of yourself or a celebrity, and distort it to simulate a surgery. First you will need to select an image from your computer, and upload it into our exclusive application just below. Then you will be presented with a screen to "select" the portion of the image that you want to modify. Once done you will see a combined view of the image to be modified, and the original image. Click, hold and move your mouse to "drag" the image where you want to change the shape of your nose, breast, tummy etc etc.... When you are satisfied with your modifications, you will be able to SAVE your image on your hard drive.
At the end of the process, maybe you will want to post this saved image to the community to see what they think ?
Enjoy, our application doesn't require registration and is free !!

Please think about our bandwidth, do not send GIGANTIC images, since they will anyway be resized by our tool. If your image is too big, before sending it, resize it online at: Picresize.

You can try our desktop software, that is much more powerful than this online tool at: .